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  • Armoured Vehicles Turkey: Country ReportArmoured Vehicles Turkey: Country Report
    Turkey continues to increase its market share year-on-year, up from 25 percent last year to 30 percent in 2014. The Turkish defence industry is emerging as a major hub for military equipment and support; there are indications that the next decade will be a period of high growth for the country that sits uncomfortably as the gateway between East and West. 
  • Strategic Briefing Turkish Armoured Vehicle Market: Programmes, Requirements and OutlookStrategic Briefing Turkish Armoured Vehicle Market: Programmes, Requirements and Outlook
    The Turkish armoured vehicle market offers one of the most compelling opportunities for foreign firms and indigenous industry to gain significant traction as the government invests in infrastructure to manufacture and develop armoured vehicle technologies. The outlook for Turkey, where turnover and exports have doubled year-on-year ever since the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) delivered its 2007 – 2011 Strategic Plan, is robust in an otherwise sluggish market for armoured vehicles globally. Read this strategic briefing, which includes notable programmes and requirements, to see how Turkey is positioning itself to become a key global exporter of armoured vehicles over the next decade.
  • News Digest: Turkish Armoured Vehicles MarketNews Digest: Turkish Armoured Vehicles Market
    This report is an analysis of recent news within the Turkish armoured vehicles market.

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  • Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015
    Defence IQ’s Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015 is now available to download without charge. As regular readers will be aware, this annual report offers a digestible guide to the latest AV market trends from the world at large, as well as the results of our recent survey undertaken to explore the perspectives of industry professionals and military personnel within this domain.

    [This PDF is a large file (11mb+). Please allow time for it to download]
  • Turkish Armoured Vehicles Digest: Summer 2013Turkish Armoured Vehicles Digest: Summer 2013
    August 2013
    Ahead of the Turkish MoD-supported Armoured Vehicles Turkey conference in Istanbul this September, Defence IQ looks at the country's most recent armoured vehicle industry developments, including continued MRAP procurement, MBT opportunities and foreign partnerships. Read this digest to get a concise overview today.
  • Emerging Armoured Vehicles: Survey Results 2013Emerging Armoured Vehicles: Survey Results 2013

    This report will explore some of the key emerging armoured vehicles markets, such as those in Africa, Asia and South America. The report is based on a survey of senior executives and professionals within the armoured vehicle domain, which includes commercial and military (currently serving and retired) respondents. The analysis of the survey data has been supplemented with proprietary interviews and desktop research.

    Topics examined include; the most exciting and potentially lucrative armoured vehicle markets; the challenges and barriers to entry for armoured vehicle contractors looking to break into these markets; and the type of vehicles that will be in highest demand.

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  • French Land Forces Commander explains strategyFrench Land Forces Commander explains strategy

    Lieutenant General Bertrand Clément-Bollée, commander of the French Land Forces, reflects on the Armoured Vehicles event and outlines his forward strategy to ensure an adaptable vehicle fleet to be ready for the next operation, whatever it may demand. He also shares his thoughts on the over-reliance of technology over tactics and his belief that the best route to protection is through manoeuvre.

  • Commander of UK Land Forces reflects on Armoured Vehicles event

    Lieutenant General Adrian Bradshaw, Commander of the British Army Land Forces, spoke at the Armoured Vehicles conference on the future road ahead and the final challenges of the Afghan campaign. Hear what he had to say about the event.

  • Commander of Afghan Army attends Armoured Vehicles conference
    General Sher Mohammad Karimi, Chief of the General Staff for the Afghan National Army, flew to the UK during this difficult time to take part in the discussion on armoured vehicles and to thank partner nations for helping to deliver Afghanistan to a new future. Karimi is tasked with not only protecting his nation but also building the vehicle fleet to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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